General Dentist

Dina Hassan Shehatta

General practitioner of oral and dental surgery
General practitioner of oral and dental surgery
• General Dentist (2006-2009) at Dr. Emad Awad private clinic in Alexandria, Egypt
• General Dentist (2010-2012) at Hakeem Dental Polyclinic in Abu Dhabi, UAE
• General Dentist (2013-2023) at Doha Specialized Dental Centre in Doha, Qatar
• General practitioner of oral and dental surgery (General Dentist), Qatar Council of health practitioners (QCHP 2013)

General Dentist

Joanna Selga Rocamora

I’ve been in practice for 24 years now, doing various dental procedures in: operative,restorative, prosthodontic, surgical and cosmetic.
I am also part of out reach programs in different schools to orient children on how to take care of their teeth.
I am passionate about educating patients on the importance of oral hygiene. Committed to provide the best patient care through high quality service.

General Dentist

El Sobh

• Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Dental Medicine in 1998.
• Over 24 years of work experience as a general dentist.
• Perform routine dental examinations, diagnoses, and treatments for patients of all ages.
• Carry out dental procedures, such as fillings, extractions, root canals, and periodontal treatments.
• Conduct oral health screenings and provide preventive care, including cleanings and fluoride treatments.
• Collaborate with dental specialists for referrals and complex cases.
• Educate patients on oral hygiene practices and provide instructions for post-treatment care.

Oral Surgery & Implantology

Azad Mohammad
Al Nemrat

– Ministry of Jordanian Health
– Jordan Dental Association
– Bavaria Dental Association (BLZK)
– Saudi Council for Health Specialties (Specialist)
– International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)
– The Saudi Dental Society
– Ministry of Saudi Health (Specialist)
– Registered in Qatar Council of Healthcare Practitioners (Specialist) (QCHP)
– American Dental Association of Oral Implantologists
– Egyptian Society of Oral Implantology (ESOI)


Dalia Sami Jeries Oweis

highly skilled Orthodontist with expertise in aligning and straightening teeth to improve both aesthetics and oral health. She holds a Bachelor of Oral and Dental Surgery and is certified by the Jordanian Orthodontic Board. With her extensive knowledge and specialized training, Dr. Oweis is dedicated to providing high-quality orthodontic care. She is passionate about helping patients achieve beautiful smiles and works closely with each individual to develop personalized treatment plans



Dr. Urooj Mirza has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of dermatology. She is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to her patients, ensuring complete patient satisfaction. With her expertise, she delivers treatments for skin diseases and performs aesthetic procedures with exceptional skill and adherence to international standards.


Trupti Ajit Kumar Alva

• Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
• Master of Dental Surgery in Prosthodontics, specializing in bridges and crowns.

Oral Surgery & Implantology

Talal Mhd Said Al Kabbani

Clinical Experience:
• General dentist with endodontics privilege in the Doha Specialized Dental Center clinics (2019-now).
• Endodontist in a private clinic (2015-2018).
• Supervisor in Endodontic and Operative department, undergraduate laboratory and clinics, Faculty of Dentistry, Tishreen University, Syria (2012-2015).
• Dentist in a private clinic in Syria (2012-2015).

Pediatric Dentistry

Hina Nasir Nasaruddin Khaja

Degree 1: Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, India
(18/08/2008 – 16/11/2013)
Degree 2: Master of Dental Surgery
Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, India
(01/07/2014 – 30/06/2017)

Ph.D Endodontics )Spain)

Tarek Fahed
Al Akabani

General dentist with endodontics privilege in the doha specialized dental
Endodontist in private clinic (2015-2018).
Supervisor in Endodontic and Operative department, undergraduate
laboratory and clinics, faculty of dentistry, Tishreen University: for the
second, third, fourth and fifth grades of the years. (2012 – 2015).
Dentist in private clinic Syria (2012-2015).


El Mahdi Saad

• Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in Orthodontics (MOrth RCSEd)
• Supreme Council of Health-State of Qatar- Orthodontist
• Dubai Health Authority- Orthodontist
• Ministry of Health-Saudi Arabia- Orthodontist
• Ministry of Health-Lebanon- Orthodontist
• Member of the Lebanese Dental Association-Orthodontist

About Us

Doha Specialized Dental and Dermatology Center is one of the most popular dental clinics in Qatar, offering a comprehensive range of dental and dermatology services.
The dental clinic has a team of specialized dentists with both local and international backgrounds, including Endodontists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Maxillofacial Surgeons, Implantologists, Preventive Dentists, Periodontists, and Cosmetic Dentists.

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